Find out why California energy and water companies use TariffShark CPUC as their advice letter and tariff software solution.

TariffShark CPUC is easy to use, supports your activities throughout the eTariff life cycle, and streamlines your CPUC tariff workflow.

Full Tariff Life Cycle Support

TariffShark CPUC includes features to help you manage your tariffs through all tariff life cycle phases: Draft, Review, File, Disposition, Publish, and Research.

Easy to Use

TariffShark CPUC assists with California tariff complexities, such as the numbering of advice letters and tariff sheets, sheet cancellations, and sheet format requirements. And its SmartBar is a true breakthrough in software usability.

Sheet Headers, Footers, and Layouts

TariffShark CPUC automates sheet headers, footers, and layouts, which gives your tariffs a consistent appearance and always-accurate headers and footers.

Electric, Gas, and Water

TariffShark CPUC is customizable so that it works equally well for advice letters and tariffs across electric, gas, and water industries in California.

Filing Cabinet

With its Filing Cabinet, TariffShark CPUC is a virtual tariff filing room, enabling you to store CPUC communications, documents, spreadsheets, and other advice letter and tariff supporting materials.

Fully Supported

Our expert, U.S.-based technical support team works when you work and provides timely assistance even under tight time constraints. In addition, TariffShark CPUC is fully documented and training is available.

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