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TariffShark CPUC consists of a few software components: the desktop client, the application server, the database installer, and the database. Each of these components has a version number associated with it. When a TariffShark CPUC software update is released for use by our customers, we call this a TariffShark CPUC Release. Depending on the work that was done in preparing the release, one or more of the software components could have been updated. Therefore, each TariffShark CPUC Release has a distinct combination of the version numbers of its various components.

TariffShark CPUC Release Release Date Reason for Release Version
Desktop Client Application Server Database Installer SQL Database
4.0 2019-04-15 Maintenance Release 2.0.868.0 2.0.868.0 2.0.868.0 7005
3.0 2018-11-15 New features 2.0.717.0 2.0.717.0 2.0.717.0 7003
2.0 2017-12-04 Maintenance Release 1.0.381.0 1.0.381.0 1.0.381.0 6003
1.0 2016-11-08 Initial Version 6002

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