Enterprise Licensing

With a TariffShark Enterprise License, you are in complete control of all TariffShark technologies: they run in your corporate data center. This implies that your IT personnel would be responsible for all of the following tasks:

  • installing TariffShark
  • configuring TariffShark
  • upgrading TariffShark
  • backing up TariffShark data
  • monitoring TariffShark and the servers on which it runs
  • providing disaster recovery processes, policies, and procedures to guarantee ongoing access to TariffShark in the event of a disaster

TariffShark Maintenance & Support

All TariffShark products are backed by our maintenance and support agreements. TariffShark is regularly audited and maintained by our product team, including the regular monitoring of all FERC mandates. Periodic products updates are included in your maintenance agreement.

TariffShark Support is also included: Monday to Friday, 7am-7pm (Central US)

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