Hosted Service

With a TariffShark Hosted Service arrangement, all TariffShark server components run in Links Technology's Tier 4, SSAE 16 certified data center. Your IT personnel need not participate in any of the following activities because we take care of all of these:

  • installing TariffShark
  • configuring TariffShark
  • upgrading TariffShark
  • backing up TariffShark data
  • monitoring TariffShark and the servers on which it runs
  • providing disaster recovery processes, policies, and procedures to guarantee ongoing access to TariffShark in the event of a disaster (check out our DR Plan)

We offer virtual private server (VPS) hosting (premium offering) and shared hosting (standard offering).

Under the VPS solution, a customer would have its own database and application servers. Due to software licensing and data center-related costs, additional fees would apply. The main benefit of a VPS is that the customer would have exclusive access to these resources.

In either scenario, access to the server from your desktop computers is done over HTTPS/SSL (the same technology that makes it safe to buy merchandise from Amazon over the Internet). Also, every client computer has unique encryption keys, thereby strongly securing the login process.

Test TariffShark instances are also available, thus allowing your tariff workers to evaluate new releases and upgrades before they are installed into your production environment.

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