Data Migration

If you're new to TariffShark, yet you've been managing tariffs for years, you probably have a lot of tariff information and documents you'd like available in TariffShark. The process of copying your data and documents into TariffShark is what we call "data migration", and we've done many of them. A successful TariffShark implementation usually requires data migration of one form or another.

We offer a full range of data migration services that we will be happy to discuss in detail. Though no two data migrations are quite the same, the common factors that drive the process are described below.

Scope of Migration

At a minimum, we recommend migrating all currently effective tariffs and those pending before or suspended by the Commission. You may also wish to load some or all of your tariff history into TariffShark.

Source of Data

For any data migration, you must locate the tariff documents to be loaded and the eTariff data that describes the documents. FERC's eTariff data requirements are exacting, so the data aspect is an important component of a successful migration.


Data can be loaded manually into Tariffshark using just the TariffShark desktop software. On the other hand, if the amount of data is great, an automated, software-based approach may be preferred. We've done both and can provide guidance.

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