TariffShark Packager Service

Although FERC requires that electronic tariffs be filed in a very specific type of "electronic package," it does not offer a cost-free way to assemble or "package" the electronic documents into a valid filing. TariffShark Packager Service is a great solution for those companies who do not want to be burdened with software, but still need to make eTariff filings. Simply email us your filing details and FERC-ready documents. We will use TariffShark software to process them into an electronic filing package that complies with FERC Order 714 and then return the filing package ready to be filed with FERC. We provide full service to ensure that your filing is correctly formatted so it will be accepted by the Commission. Since the first electronic tariffs were filed in April of 2010, we have successfully packaged hundreds of filings.

Links Technology Solutions has partnered with Leonard B. Levine and Associates, publisher of the Oil Pipeline Tariff Monitor and creator of the OPTM Online Databases, to provide an affordable solution. While our partner specializes in packaging oil pipeline tariffs and electric market-based rate tariffs, they can also prepare filings for natural gas pipeline tariffs and electric utility tariffs.

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